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20 November 2013

Autumn and Winter Tasks for a Translator from Russian to Italian

Autumn and winter come with their lack of sunshine. And many persons prefer to pass all the time in the room in front of pc. They would like to open their eyes in the morning and to find a new task that can be done in two-three hours.

Internet is very useful place for translator from Italian to Russian and from Russian to Italian. It gives different advantages to those who earns money writing:

First of all, you do not need to walk days and days from one assumed jobgiver to other. Once, when I began my way, you would generally walk and walk without any result and only good acquaintances of your parents or their friends could open a door in front of you. I do not say, this door took you in a good place, but you had a job and fixed earnings at the end of the month.

Now, everything changed in the world. If you have a stable presence in the internet, you are known to different circles of persons and they know how to find you if they need you.

Some young competitors write me or phone me from time to time and they are very angry with me because I appear everywhere in internet and they no.

I do not know, gays, why do you come to ME with this??? You, who studied computer and internet, different languages and strategies. I'm much more older than you are. I did not study anything from that. Can't you subscribe special newsletters you need for the aims you have? Can't you take a notebook and write in it what you think is useful for you? Can't you follow the teachings you studied this way and create your presence in internet?

Open a blog, pages in social media. Study SEO writing. Study keywords. Write articles regularly and submit them everywhere you can.

All your success depends on your articles. You do not need any dime to reach your success. If you are fortunate with the keywords and interesting articles, you will be easily reachable by the persons that are looking for service you can offer them.

And, if the service you offer is good enough, your clients will pass your contacts to others who look for such service.

This is all the secret.

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