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08 April 2013

Translator Changes the Name to Linguistic Assistant

Once in all this time I have finally good news about the Translator's from to Russian Italian job. Once in I don't know how many months I have finally the kind of work I like.

First of all, I like to tell others about the history of this place, I like to work with curious persons, with those who come not to criticize everything and everybody and look only for bad sides. No. I work to have money, yes, but I do not allow every rude to treat me as a floor-cloth.

About a week ago, one woman writes me this way: "I need a translator with a Russian speaking guide to come with the car in my hotel to take me for the excursions during my vacation in Paestum". Point. Nothing more. How do you write to a person you need her service? "Hi,... Regards..." I write so even if I have to say something not very pleasant or to a not very pleasant person. Good education is something that is a about MY characteristics. It changes nothing if I have to ask or to offer.

In this case, the woman is oafish. This means, if I want her money soooooo much to go to serve her (because I accept to be subservient and not to work in this case), I will be wormed, I have to cringe. These are the rules of this game. And I do not accept such treatments. I'm not a fawner and can become very hard with similar persons. I know it and try to avoid such situations. As it was said: "I would like to serve, it's noisome to be subservient."

In any case, I answered this woman she has to call the manager of her hotel so that he organizes this service for her. She did not understand: "I need a translator waiting me near the entrance of my hotel with a car every day!" I need so many things in this life, I thought... And wanted to write her something like this... but did not want to soil myself.

Well, this time my clients are very educated and very interested in history persons. I'm even worried if I will be able to find answers to all their questions. And so I have to learn and learn and learn now. It's amazing! I will know much more after this experience! and I'll visit many new places! because they wanted to have great time full of interesting experiences. I even had to contact touristic government departments to satisfy their desire to know everything about the Antique Rome.

But I have a new "name" now. My job is "linguistic assistant" because translator is not exactly the same thing, you know. In any case, I'm excited and wait for them with impatience.