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12 March 2013

The Bad Days of the Translator

One of the most important qualities of every person is the capacity to say "No!" Yes, this way, directly, steadfast, without doubts. If you are not able to do it, you will live in constant troubles and with the feeling of dissatisfaction. The attendant qualities are pity and strong desire to help those who needs your help.

Let's speak openly: you need these qualities to be a person. But! You have to know turn them out when you see that others try to take advantage of these your good sides. Remember what Jesus Christ (or his father maybe, I'm not very brave in theology) said: wait till charity becomes sweaty in your hand. It means, you have to think many times before you give your charity. Because there are too many persons that live abusing honest people.

Yes, it's about the last case when I was called to translate an English-Russian Business meeting between two important businessmen which wanted to have a confident talk during a conference. I denied the invitation and explained that it's not MY field. I know English but it's written language. I do not have the possibility to speak English here. So, NO! decisively. They called me for 3 days. And, finally, I had to accept this work.

I passed a terrible week. First, because I had not time neither theme of that conversation. And I did not know the words I needed to use during the meeting. So, my translation was a horror. The client knew my problem and he wanted I come there. But his interlocutor was really furious. He is accustomed to be served by the best servants. 

I could not calm for some days after it. I could not sleep, I could not work. 
Never! Never more! I will never give up when the task is not about my expertise! I have to learn to say NO! determinedly!