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24 January 2013

Translator's Melancholy

Is the life of a translator from to Russian and Italian so sad o it's my personal propensity to describe only the sad events in my translator's life? Well, my Friends, I don't know what to say. I'll tell you my last story and you decide...

My working activity was concentrated mostly here, in internet, after the New Year feast. I was too tired to climb all the local "mountains" with the tourists in those last weeks, honestly, and enjoyed sitting for the notebook working for one Italian Group that produces different foods such as macaroni, sauces etc. I worked very hard and, with my great  satisfaction, developed a very interesting strategy that can help them to conquest Russian Market with relatively limited investments.

In the mean period, my ex-boss called me, and I told him about this my new idea, my personal "invention". He was very enthusiast of it and, with his friend, decided to create a Ltd to take advantage of this huge money making possibility. He called his friend to join us and, now, his son, too.

I was happy. The credibility and the relations of my boss are enormous. I would never arrive at such picks even if I would do impossible.

I know that business is business, and it's a stupidity to share own ideas with anybody. You have only sell them. But, stupid old baby that is not able to learn from own and other's errors, I continue to believe in the honesty and good sides of the persons. What can I say you? I gave him all the important information of my project.

Now, they do not need me as a part of the project more. So, my role -if requested- will be limited to simple and low-paid translations...

There was a short episode in an old Italian movie, where the father makes his 4 years old son fall down from the table and says him
Nella vita non ti devi fidare di nessuno, neppure di tuo padre!
You have never trust anybody in the life, even me. It's my biggest gift to your birthday.

12 January 2013

Translator - Universal Specialist

Translator is a very strange job, I have to say you.

I was very busy as a guide in the last period. You know just that many persons think you are a tourist guide if you speak this or that language. My guests are suret I know everything about all the Italy - not only I am able to guide them in every interesting place of Campania where I live. They ask me to go with them in Rome, in Apulia, in other places... I explain that I don't know tourist information about these places but they do not want to hear anything about it.

«Мыслитель» на Яндекс.Фотках 

Fortunately, I had to walk with them in Naples and Pompei, in Herculanum and Oplontis. But I worked all the feasts, even the New Year's eve I was in Pompei... They ask me sometimes: aren't you tired to tell every time the same things? If you think about it, I'll tell you the secret. I am never tired to visit the same places of Naples, of Campania for different reasons:

  1. I like the history of Campania and read much about it. So, I know every time new information about every tourist object and it's interesting for me to tell what I know to the interested persons. It's not difficult because the scientists write many articles about the discoveries they do during the excavations in sites and in libraries. 
  2.  The situation with the interesting sites in Campania is bad enough: the government does not find money to pay persons which could open all the objects. So, I find every time something new open.
  3. Campania is beautiful and I like to walk here. 
And I could not relax after the stream of the tourists finished for some time. Because, after a period of the oblivion, my other clients, Italian industrialists, remembered that they would like to have Russian clients. So, they called me to the arms and I had to prepare new strategies of promotion of their goods.

Finished my work yesterday, I finally enjoy a day when I can to wwrite something for my pleasure... and to clean the house, too. :-)))