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05 December 2012

Translation Services You Are Looking For

Translation Services offer different sites. Most of them are agencies, not so numerous are single translators. It's clear that a single translator has not so many possibilities of advertising, and it's hard for her to have last news of translating technologies. But it means that the prices can be much more accessible. Agencies write they offer two translators working with a text: one of them translates, other controls the finished translation. So, the client pays not only technologies but two translators, too.

The other benefit offered by the agencies is the great accuracy of the translation. Well, if the single translators work not so good, who are those translators that work for the agencies? Paradoxically, those are the same translators which work as single and as a part of the teams of all the agencies. Working as a single translator, they are not very reliable. Working as a part of an agency, the same translator becomes suddenly reliable.

No, it's simply interesting to observe. I do not try to change the things with this article: it's the way to exist and there is nothing to do. Business is business and competition is competition.

Sometimes, it's very important that the translator understands the hidden meaning of the stuff he translates. It's the case of "hidden knowledge", of instructions, for example, written for the persons who know what the text is about. The knowledge is not "hidden" as they say often. The author speaks to the persons which know the matter, and there is not a reason to explain it to them once more. Once those persons are dead, others can't interpret it. This is how the knowledge becomes "hidden".

The other case when it's good that the translator has "special" inspiration is poetry. A writer and poet can translate poetry differently. And there are many examples even when translation sounds better than original.

Translation Services, in this case, are really a combination of art and science.

Sometimes the automatic translation services are very high today. They even can recognize folks' ways of expression. And this is really a pleasant surprise for me since I have friends from different countries that speak very different languages and they suddenly can participate on the conversations in Russian, for example.

But, in any case, a human translator does not translate the words but the sense of the text and when an error in translation could damage health or things, it's always better not to experiment with danger. This is absolutely the case when the translation services have to come from a human translator.

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