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05 November 2012

We Need Translators At Every Step

Я просто потихонечку живу...
«Я просто потихонечку живу...» на Яндекс.Фотках

We do not think about it but it's impossible to imagine modern life without translations. People all over the world use the same products, technologies which manuals are translated in hundreds of languages. These translations have to be made by alive translators because no one even the best technology can understand the sense of the sentences. We watch the same movies, read the same news. Even the food we eat comes from different parts of the world. And it's just enough to understand the importance of the translators' job.

Here are some other examples. I wanted to list all of them because even the professional translators do not realize the importance of what they are doing all their life. Not for complications of the idea or something like this but for it's simplicity.

Now, think a moment:
did you never support a team or a sportsman from other country? How would you know more about it/ him if you could not read about?

Did you ever support an opinion of a person from other country? Nelson Mandela or Obama that be. How could you understand the situation in the place your loved ones or Facebook friends live in?

Do you know somebody who follows a foreign religion? Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity or what other you just remember...

Now, you will smile... Where comes your LOOK from? Your clothes? Your hairstyle? In the last period, I've seen many girls with this hairstyle like in this video and like it very much

But the role of translator is much more important: the right or wrong translation can influence the decisions of the governments, of the military leaders. That is why is so decisive when the translator knows the country She / He works in. It's well known fact that all we have different uses, mentality. And, when the translator can't amortize the differences of understanding, it can lead to the great, really great problems.

What could happen when the meditians of one country where the outbreak of a dangerous disease happens could not communicate with the researchers from other countries? Not from one but from many different countries? What would happen if they would give wrong quantities of the medicine?

If you want to begin this business and you read about the problems you can meet on your way, in this blog, too, you could think it's not an important job to have so many sacrifices.

First of all, every beginning has more or less the same problems. In any case you have to tread on somebodies pet corn. There is not place where somebody is waiting for you. You have to make much to take your bread in the life. And butter on your piece of bread is the awareness you are doing something very important.

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