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16 November 2012

Translating from English to Italian over Russian

My life of translator from to Russian is much more calm in confront to summer now. I just said this job is not "direct": do you think, you translate a text or a speech, a conversation and everything finishes here? You put your salary in your wallet and go home to enjoy your free time, you hope.
No, your clients pretend you know literally everything and will do it for them. If you are translator means you are a guide, too. And you know all the most impossible facts about all the things. If you are a translator, you are a middleman. No, not "a" but "the" middleman. Nobody can even imagine, those are completely different jobs and -according to the current laws- you, translator, can't do it...

Oh yes, you are right, I just repeat it in every post.

Well, my job is different in the last period. I have to translate texts from English to Italian.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Everybody knows, I'm Russian. It's very interesting to look at the persons that observe me listening to someone and writing what he is saying than. All the people wait, I'll write the speech in Russian and than translate it in Italian. When they see me writing directly in Italian, they become astonished and than ask me in embarrassment:
-What language are you writing in?
-Why don't you write Russian???
-Why Ш have?
-You are Russian!
-Well, but I need this text in Italian.
-Yes, but you are Russian!

So, you understood: if I'm Russian, think all the persons, I have to translate everything in Russian first!

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