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21 November 2012

Russian Italian Translations for the Tourists

What is the work of translator when he / she has to accompany tourists? How can it be distinguished from such jobs like guide and escort?

It's a good question.

Some days ago I worked with a family of tourists who wanted only to move more sure and quick in a foreign country. This means they wanted to have a person who speaks good Italian and Russian and knows the city to visit as much as possible in the daytime because it is night at 14:30 now.

So, practically, it's impossible to distinguish 3 jobs in this case.

But those are 3 different jobs for the law. And two of them have special certificates. If I want to do first or second, I have to wait that time when the governors decide to give out those certificates. And it's very possible that they will decide it when I'll pass the the best life.

The question is: what job I'm doing? And how can I prove that I'm working as a translator in this or that case?

My tourists were very content to see the city of Naples from it's different sides. They could see many places in one day, they could eat what they prefer to eat, because with the help of translator it was very easy to order what they like. Finally, when we went in the royal part of the city with all those shops on every step, I could finally go home. There is not need to have a translator nearby when someone visits shops. In these cases everybody wants to be alone. :-)))

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