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22 September 2012

Translator and Competitors

There are many different sites which connect translators with clients. Most of them offer only little texts for  translation. If you need this kind of work, register in all the possible job searches and make you send all the jobs for "translator" and "interpreter". Select specialized in translating sites, register there and send your CV to all the offers.

If you want to be paid, don't be avid. Don't try to earn all the money. There are many "employers" who earn money making work gratis those who looks for jobs. This is the case of "you will translate some texts and we will choose the best translator for a one year contract". The "employer" gives to all aspirants texts to translate, they make the work honestly. After that the "employer" disappears. He will offer other contests under other names next time.

The other problem are the competitors in different social networks. If you disturb their happy life, they will do everything possible to throw you from that professional network. Be warned that they are able to taint your reputation and good name. What they do? They ask you if you are able to do this or that work, they ask you to contact your clients etc. You hope to receive good salary with this work -but "employer" or "client" disappears without paying you a dime and with your clients that do not understand what's happening and why you are not doing what was promised.

So, when you begin to integrate in your profession, remember that it's a place where there are just other persons that do not want other competitors in their pond. Be ready to fight and to accept bitter tabs of the life. It's the way the world exist.

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