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04 September 2012

Italian Wine, Coffee and Snacks' Producers Look for Partners

This period when all the manufacturers turn back to their work after a period of vacation is very busy and I had not time to write here more.

As I told before, my work connects me in the greater part with the export managers of different local manufacturers. They often ask  me if I can connect them with the buyers in Russia and other countries of ex-URSS. So, this last period I had the task to look for partners for Italian Food Producers.
I even had to create catalogs and a site where to post all those offers. Here is the work I did

If you think that both producers and buyers would like to work without middlemen, you are surely right. Yes, it's true. But Italians do not speak Russian. And Russians even if they learn every language they have to use in their business, often understand that there are peculiarities that damage all the business if they do not know the language perfectly. The same problem is with the Italians who asked the persons who don't speak Russian or Italian good enough to translate negotiations. I was really shocked when I understood what possibilities those my clients lose for this reason. Incredible, you know.

So, if you want to buy excellent Vesuvian wine, traditional neapolitan wooden blended coffee or traditional (EXCELLENT!!! with beer) neapolitan snacks for your shop, you can write me and I'll connect you with them.

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