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14 September 2012

Can Translator be a Middleman?

«Воспоминания» на Яндекс.Фотках

Just about a month I work on a new project - a site that has to make meet sellers from Italy and buyers from Russia and other countries. It was natural to pass from the interpreter's work to middlemen tasks since the business men do not know speak fluently all the languages and ask a translator to become their "agent". From the other side, it's the same for manufacturers, too. So, both are happy to pass the negotiations to a third person.

I had to work really hard with this site. It's not my field, and I had to learn many things. Sometimes I say: I am 51 years old and I had no one day in my life when I did not learn something. The "normal" persons think about retirement and grandchildren at this age. Will it happen one day for me, too? Or have I to learn till the death?

Then, I had to take part on negotiations between some of sellers - buyers.

Internet is a great place where to find all kinds of information and persons. But there are many wags, too. I would say many bad words about them, honestly. I think, those are ill persons because it's difficult to understand the motivations of someone who likes to jeer at other persons making them work hard to say them at the end "you are a fool. I was joking".

So, one of them said he is a great buyer. Almost he would buy half Italy (I just can exaggerate today). He asked me to contact some important Italian works. And disappeared when I did so that those works accepted to partner with him.

Now, I feel bad. I worked honestly and did much. I convinced the administrators of those works that this Russian man is not an thief but a honest person. That Italians believed me. And the finish of the story is that they will think all Russians are such "jokers". And, first of all, they will think bad about me. They do not know that I am the victim of a psychopath. I was the "men in the middle"...

Moral: never accept anonimous clients. Always ask credentials before you begin to work with anybody.

It was a very hard lesson. I do not know, how have I turn my honest reputation back...

The second lesson was that we have to do what we learned doing.
Someone asks you to help because you understand languages. And, when you make natural mistakes because you can't know all the peculiarities of their profession, they do not remember THEY asked you about a favour... And you learn you are a whipping-boy for them.

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