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04 August 2012

Aeronautics can't live without Translator and Interpreter from Russian to Italian

This time I was invited to assist negotiations between a Russian airline and an Italian manifacturer of internal parts of airbusses. I was a little nervous. I feel always some worried when I prepare my work. It's always possible that something goes in a wrong way -it's the life- and it's necessary that such cases do not influence the result. In this case, I had to work with the completly unknown for me field of industry, too, and had only one day to be ready. It was the additional reason of my anxiety this time.

The most big problem in such cases is professional slang. Fortunately, both sides understood it very well. It was amusing to observe how they understand one other when I, at times, translating every word they said, did not understand what I'm telling about.

When I translate persons that talk, I try to do in the way they do not feel (too much) the presence of the translator. I like to see when they seem to forget the language barrier they have.

"Your translation was very good!" is it not a great satisfaction?

My "aeronautic first time" was a success.

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