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16 August 2012

Translating from Italian to Russian in a Coffee Blending Fabric

There are many coffee blending fabrics in our zone. Some of them are very popular, others are less known not only here but maybe in all the world, too. It does not mean that these fabrics are not so good as the others, more big and with more possibilities of advertising.

With the group of Belorussian entrepreneurs, we visited one of these fabrics invited by the export manager, who was in Belorussia some month ago.

You have to know that the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno organized a business tour for local entrepreneurs to advertise local products and production abroad and to promote and open Russian and other Eastern countries' market to the little businesses of the region. Now, interested persons from there come here to look at and learn about the products they want to sell in their countries.

So, we visited a coffee fabric where I had to translate all the explanations and the negotiations.

It was forbidden to make close photos in that fabric, so I have only some general shorts.

Sacks with coffee from different countries arrive in the fabric. They are full with 2 qualities of seeds: arabica and robusta. They go in separated tanks. Computer sends them in the oven and than in other tanks.

There is a lab in the fabric where they taste new mixes. Once the mix is decided, computer continue to deliver necessary quantities from the tanks.

After that, the mix is automatically packed

and send to the partner

Both sides remained very content with the results of the visit and the collaboration will continue after the period of the summer vacations.

09 August 2012

Translator and Interpreter in Rome: In an Olive Oil Fabric

If you think that the work of Translator and Interpreter from / to Italian and Russian consists in observing sightseeings and visiting restaurants with the best clothes and jewelry on, you are wrong. Even if the wide range of vocabulary and the most incredible knowledges required by the clients during such nice walks and dinners could baffle everybody. For example, I can guide tourists in practically any place of Campania (and believe me, not every guide is able to do it since many are specialized in one or only some tourist objects), but I do not know Rome as a tourist guide has to know it. So it was hard for me to be a guide in Rome, I have to admit.

Fortunately, there are not such problems when you translate partners in a fabric. They speak and explain everything themselves. You have only the task to interpret their speeches as better as possible. In the way not to create misunderstandings. And Italian language is one of the easiest in this sense, I think. Italians like to speak with the hands. :-)))

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

04 August 2012

Aeronautics can't live without Translator and Interpreter from Russian to Italian

This time I was invited to assist negotiations between a Russian airline and an Italian manifacturer of internal parts of airbusses. I was a little nervous. I feel always some worried when I prepare my work. It's always possible that something goes in a wrong way -it's the life- and it's necessary that such cases do not influence the result. In this case, I had to work with the completly unknown for me field of industry, too, and had only one day to be ready. It was the additional reason of my anxiety this time.

The most big problem in such cases is professional slang. Fortunately, both sides understood it very well. It was amusing to observe how they understand one other when I, at times, translating every word they said, did not understand what I'm telling about.

When I translate persons that talk, I try to do in the way they do not feel (too much) the presence of the translator. I like to see when they seem to forget the language barrier they have.

"Your translation was very good!" is it not a great satisfaction?

My "aeronautic first time" was a success.