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05 July 2012

Translating from Italian to Russian: "Gesta Guiscardi"

After some weeks when I had too much outdoor job walking with tourists in all the corners of Campania /Italy (you can read about it in my posts in the blogs dedicated to tourism (egs. Неаполь и Милан – Палеохристианские Фрески or Carnival Breeze in Salerno), I turned finally back to my PC and have some time to continue the translation of "Gesta Guiscardi" that I, a Middle Ages history lover, do for one site where are collected documents of antient history. 

I like to read such texts because they open incredible and absolutly  astonishing possibilities to understand, to see how was the life in that period.

Archeologists find something new every day, but the contemporary tales are an other thing. Someone from my friends from Archeological Group of Salerno says when I tell them about this my translation from Italian to Russian that it's not the correct way to study. But I think, even if we have to remember the personal view of the author, that nobody can tell us more than they do.

For example, a text of Gregory of Tours (539-594), History of the Franks, where he writes about the meetings and feasts. At the beginning of the text you can read that "they laid for the banquet". From the middle of the text they just "said for the banquet". When Gregory beginns to write, the (rich) population of Tours followed Roman (idle) usages in their habits. When the Franks are more stable in the country, the population follows them... 

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