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06 July 2012

Interpreter, Translator and Guide - All in One

Working for PMB International in 2007, I met many interesting persons - local manifacturers producing olive oil, wine and tinned food. Despite the crisis, there are still many little fabrics in the region that sell not only vegetables like tomatoes, green peas, kidney beans and string beans etc. As said, there are families that produce (with all certificates Italian law wants from them) Genuine Products From The Slopes Of Vesuvius

Now, this experience helps me with my next engagement. So that I can offer more interesting services to my new clients.

In fact, they want to import Italian foodstuffs and need a translator in Salerno.

In the days we discuss the details of their visit of Italy, we discovered that they need not only help with Italian texts, an interpreter in Salerno. They need an interpreter in Rome, too. And they would like to visit the most interesting monuments both in Rome and in Campania.

The work of Translator and Interpreter is very many-sided. And very interesting, too.

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