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27 July 2012

Translator and Interpreter in Rome: first day

My job took me in Rome for some days this time. I had to assist Belorussian businessmen during their stay in Italy. Learned from my numerous trips this year I bought a bag with 4 wheels. It walks itself and is very comfortable.

I went into the airport to meet my clients. From the airport we went into our hotel  that was very clean and nice even if the rooms were too little. 

Then, we wanted to visit Vatican but everything was just closing when we came there.

Late in the evening, the Roman partner of my clients invited us to visit "his" Rome and we
had a nice walk till the 01 in the night.

Interesting is that the rooms with important paintings were lighted up so that tourists can admire them even in the night.

08 July 2012

Translation from Italian to Russian Curious Dictionaries

Curiosities happen in every field of the life, and they are something that add light to everyday routine. That is why I add "Curiousities" category to all my blogs.

In 1995, a great new Russian/ Italian Italian/ Russian Dictionary was pibblished and was just available in the biggest bookshops. It was the book I needed for my job and I bought it as soon as I could. I took it with me when I married an Italian and moved in Italy.

One day, I had to translate a text where the word "partenopean" was used. The word is one of the synonyms 
of "neapolitan".

A Greek legend about the Sirens and Odysseus tells that the body of the Siren Partenope was washed ashore in the place where the Greek colony was built later. A Partenope colony, precisely. The old colony was replaced with new settling, new town, Nea-Polis, some time later, but the memory of the Siren remained in the language till today. So, they can say Neapolitan or Partenopean and it means the same.

The author of the great dictionary I bought did not know this peculiarity and, probably, asked one of his Italian friends to explain it to him. That friend had a special sense of humour. I found thas explanation:

"Partenopean is a disparaging name for the citizens of Naples and region"

It's very probably that this difinition continue in the later dictionaries of that author.

06 July 2012

Interpreter, Translator and Guide - All in One

Working for PMB International in 2007, I met many interesting persons - local manifacturers producing olive oil, wine and tinned food. Despite the crisis, there are still many little fabrics in the region that sell not only vegetables like tomatoes, green peas, kidney beans and string beans etc. As said, there are families that produce (with all certificates Italian law wants from them) Genuine Products From The Slopes Of Vesuvius

Now, this experience helps me with my next engagement. So that I can offer more interesting services to my new clients.

In fact, they want to import Italian foodstuffs and need a translator in Salerno.

In the days we discuss the details of their visit of Italy, we discovered that they need not only help with Italian texts, an interpreter in Salerno. They need an interpreter in Rome, too. And they would like to visit the most interesting monuments both in Rome and in Campania.

The work of Translator and Interpreter is very many-sided. And very interesting, too.

05 July 2012

Translating from Italian to Russian: "Gesta Guiscardi"

After some weeks when I had too much outdoor job walking with tourists in all the corners of Campania /Italy (you can read about it in my posts in the blogs dedicated to tourism (egs. Неаполь и Милан – Палеохристианские Фрески or Carnival Breeze in Salerno), I turned finally back to my PC and have some time to continue the translation of "Gesta Guiscardi" that I, a Middle Ages history lover, do for one site where are collected documents of antient history. 

I like to read such texts because they open incredible and absolutly  astonishing possibilities to understand, to see how was the life in that period.

Archeologists find something new every day, but the contemporary tales are an other thing. Someone from my friends from Archeological Group of Salerno says when I tell them about this my translation from Italian to Russian that it's not the correct way to study. But I think, even if we have to remember the personal view of the author, that nobody can tell us more than they do.

For example, a text of Gregory of Tours (539-594), History of the Franks, where he writes about the meetings and feasts. At the beginning of the text you can read that "they laid for the banquet". From the middle of the text they just "said for the banquet". When Gregory beginns to write, the (rich) population of Tours followed Roman (idle) usages in their habits. When the Franks are more stable in the country, the population follows them... 

03 July 2012

About Translator, Interpreter From / To Russian, Italian

Some words about 

Lioudmila Pirojenko graduated from Pjatigorsk Linguistic University (URSS, actually Russia) in 1984 with a German/English Language Specialist Degree.
in 1989 graduated from Italian Language Courses in Mariupol

1984 - 1995 worked as freelance translator in Mariupol (Ucraina) for different works and manufacturers such as Mariupol Ilyich Steel and Iron Works, Mariupol Sea Commercial Port and others.

In Italy from 1995, collaborate with different translators' agencies,

As a member of Archeological Group of Salerno, worked as a translator and guide in different manifestations organized by municipality of Salerno

In 2007, took part of the staff of PMB International of Naples where was responsible for relations with representatives of buyers from Russia and other countries of ex'URSS whom presented production of Italian manufacturers.


Translator, Interpreter From / To Russian, Italian
Translation Services From / To Russian  Italian without agency and middlemen costs

01 July 2012

Translator, Interpreter From / To Russian, Italian

Translation Services From / To Russian and Italian without agency and middlemen costs

Relations with Russia are very important for many businesses today. To begin, you need a web page in Russian language, you have to translate documents, info- and advertising texts to present your project to your business partners or prospects.

On-line translators are good and sophisticated today, but they can't help in the personal relations when translation of correct meaning of every word is important. That is why you need a help of a human translator.

Other Categories you can need to translate are:

Catalogues and touristic guides, 

Letters, lines of verse or personal communications,

Technical instructions and manuals

Press releases