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14 December 2012

Translator means Investigator, too

If you think, I told you everything about the strangeness of translators' job, you are on the wrong way. The requests a translator living in a foreign country receives from time to time, would perplex anybody. So, about two weeks ago, an unknown man called me by cell and asked me to help him to find a missing person.

The young man argued with his girl-friend, she escaped in Italy, and he is worried she will not turn home to him.

We have strange behaviour with the persons we love. We do not respect them, we do not care enough about them. More close is our relation, worse are our conduct. We begin to understand something when the person we love is gone we think that forever.

In the case I write about, the woman probably went in Italy to visit her friends. But since she did not say anything about the voyage to her boyfriend, he thought, her cousins from Ucraina could advice her to remain there as a clandestine.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Now, what was MY role in this story? I had to look for her.
He called me different times a day with every time new instructions and I had to speak with them trying to relax, to calm him for hours.

First, he asked me to call an organization she visited years before to see if she is in the same place.
Than, I had to call the cousin of the woman to send a message because the cousin could know where the woman is (and in fact she did).
Than, he asked me to hire an investigator
but after some hours he changed the idea and asked me to go personally in the town the woman probably is and to visit that just mentioned organization.
No, it was the last I could stand after more than a week.
I had to renounce.
I think, it's unpossible to earn all the money of the world. And prefer to avoid doubtful ventures.
Was I right?
I don't know.
But I like to sleep calm and relaxed without thinking more about this love story

05 December 2012

Translation Services You Are Looking For

Translation Services offer different sites. Most of them are agencies, not so numerous are single translators. It's clear that a single translator has not so many possibilities of advertising, and it's hard for her to have last news of translating technologies. But it means that the prices can be much more accessible. Agencies write they offer two translators working with a text: one of them translates, other controls the finished translation. So, the client pays not only technologies but two translators, too.

The other benefit offered by the agencies is the great accuracy of the translation. Well, if the single translators work not so good, who are those translators that work for the agencies? Paradoxically, those are the same translators which work as single and as a part of the teams of all the agencies. Working as a single translator, they are not very reliable. Working as a part of an agency, the same translator becomes suddenly reliable.

No, it's simply interesting to observe. I do not try to change the things with this article: it's the way to exist and there is nothing to do. Business is business and competition is competition.

Sometimes, it's very important that the translator understands the hidden meaning of the stuff he translates. It's the case of "hidden knowledge", of instructions, for example, written for the persons who know what the text is about. The knowledge is not "hidden" as they say often. The author speaks to the persons which know the matter, and there is not a reason to explain it to them once more. Once those persons are dead, others can't interpret it. This is how the knowledge becomes "hidden".

The other case when it's good that the translator has "special" inspiration is poetry. A writer and poet can translate poetry differently. And there are many examples even when translation sounds better than original.

Translation Services, in this case, are really a combination of art and science.

Sometimes the automatic translation services are very high today. They even can recognize folks' ways of expression. And this is really a pleasant surprise for me since I have friends from different countries that speak very different languages and they suddenly can participate on the conversations in Russian, for example.

But, in any case, a human translator does not translate the words but the sense of the text and when an error in translation could damage health or things, it's always better not to experiment with danger. This is absolutely the case when the translation services have to come from a human translator.

21 November 2012

Russian Italian Translations for the Tourists

What is the work of translator when he / she has to accompany tourists? How can it be distinguished from such jobs like guide and escort?

It's a good question.

Some days ago I worked with a family of tourists who wanted only to move more sure and quick in a foreign country. This means they wanted to have a person who speaks good Italian and Russian and knows the city to visit as much as possible in the daytime because it is night at 14:30 now.

So, practically, it's impossible to distinguish 3 jobs in this case.

But those are 3 different jobs for the law. And two of them have special certificates. If I want to do first or second, I have to wait that time when the governors decide to give out those certificates. And it's very possible that they will decide it when I'll pass the the best life.

The question is: what job I'm doing? And how can I prove that I'm working as a translator in this or that case?

My tourists were very content to see the city of Naples from it's different sides. They could see many places in one day, they could eat what they prefer to eat, because with the help of translator it was very easy to order what they like. Finally, when we went in the royal part of the city with all those shops on every step, I could finally go home. There is not need to have a translator nearby when someone visits shops. In these cases everybody wants to be alone. :-)))

16 November 2012

Translating from English to Italian over Russian

My life of translator from to Russian is much more calm in confront to summer now. I just said this job is not "direct": do you think, you translate a text or a speech, a conversation and everything finishes here? You put your salary in your wallet and go home to enjoy your free time, you hope.
No, your clients pretend you know literally everything and will do it for them. If you are translator means you are a guide, too. And you know all the most impossible facts about all the things. If you are a translator, you are a middleman. No, not "a" but "the" middleman. Nobody can even imagine, those are completely different jobs and -according to the current laws- you, translator, can't do it...

Oh yes, you are right, I just repeat it in every post.

Well, my job is different in the last period. I have to translate texts from English to Italian.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Everybody knows, I'm Russian. It's very interesting to look at the persons that observe me listening to someone and writing what he is saying than. All the people wait, I'll write the speech in Russian and than translate it in Italian. When they see me writing directly in Italian, they become astonished and than ask me in embarrassment:
-What language are you writing in?
-Why don't you write Russian???
-Why Ш have?
-You are Russian!
-Well, but I need this text in Italian.
-Yes, but you are Russian!

So, you understood: if I'm Russian, think all the persons, I have to translate everything in Russian first!

05 November 2012

We Need Translators At Every Step

Я просто потихонечку живу...
«Я просто потихонечку живу...» на Яндекс.Фотках

We do not think about it but it's impossible to imagine modern life without translations. People all over the world use the same products, technologies which manuals are translated in hundreds of languages. These translations have to be made by alive translators because no one even the best technology can understand the sense of the sentences. We watch the same movies, read the same news. Even the food we eat comes from different parts of the world. And it's just enough to understand the importance of the translators' job.

Here are some other examples. I wanted to list all of them because even the professional translators do not realize the importance of what they are doing all their life. Not for complications of the idea or something like this but for it's simplicity.

Now, think a moment:
did you never support a team or a sportsman from other country? How would you know more about it/ him if you could not read about?

Did you ever support an opinion of a person from other country? Nelson Mandela or Obama that be. How could you understand the situation in the place your loved ones or Facebook friends live in?

Do you know somebody who follows a foreign religion? Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity or what other you just remember...

Now, you will smile... Where comes your LOOK from? Your clothes? Your hairstyle? In the last period, I've seen many girls with this hairstyle like in this video and like it very much

But the role of translator is much more important: the right or wrong translation can influence the decisions of the governments, of the military leaders. That is why is so decisive when the translator knows the country She / He works in. It's well known fact that all we have different uses, mentality. And, when the translator can't amortize the differences of understanding, it can lead to the great, really great problems.

What could happen when the meditians of one country where the outbreak of a dangerous disease happens could not communicate with the researchers from other countries? Not from one but from many different countries? What would happen if they would give wrong quantities of the medicine?

If you want to begin this business and you read about the problems you can meet on your way, in this blog, too, you could think it's not an important job to have so many sacrifices.

First of all, every beginning has more or less the same problems. In any case you have to tread on somebodies pet corn. There is not place where somebody is waiting for you. You have to make much to take your bread in the life. And butter on your piece of bread is the awareness you are doing something very important.

22 September 2012

Translator and Competitors

There are many different sites which connect translators with clients. Most of them offer only little texts for  translation. If you need this kind of work, register in all the possible job searches and make you send all the jobs for "translator" and "interpreter". Select specialized in translating sites, register there and send your CV to all the offers.

If you want to be paid, don't be avid. Don't try to earn all the money. There are many "employers" who earn money making work gratis those who looks for jobs. This is the case of "you will translate some texts and we will choose the best translator for a one year contract". The "employer" gives to all aspirants texts to translate, they make the work honestly. After that the "employer" disappears. He will offer other contests under other names next time.

The other problem are the competitors in different social networks. If you disturb their happy life, they will do everything possible to throw you from that professional network. Be warned that they are able to taint your reputation and good name. What they do? They ask you if you are able to do this or that work, they ask you to contact your clients etc. You hope to receive good salary with this work -but "employer" or "client" disappears without paying you a dime and with your clients that do not understand what's happening and why you are not doing what was promised.

So, when you begin to integrate in your profession, remember that it's a place where there are just other persons that do not want other competitors in their pond. Be ready to fight and to accept bitter tabs of the life. It's the way the world exist.

14 September 2012

Can Translator be a Middleman?

«Воспоминания» на Яндекс.Фотках

Just about a month I work on a new project - a site that has to make meet sellers from Italy and buyers from Russia and other countries. It was natural to pass from the interpreter's work to middlemen tasks since the business men do not know speak fluently all the languages and ask a translator to become their "agent". From the other side, it's the same for manufacturers, too. So, both are happy to pass the negotiations to a third person.

I had to work really hard with this site. It's not my field, and I had to learn many things. Sometimes I say: I am 51 years old and I had no one day in my life when I did not learn something. The "normal" persons think about retirement and grandchildren at this age. Will it happen one day for me, too? Or have I to learn till the death?

Then, I had to take part on negotiations between some of sellers - buyers.

Internet is a great place where to find all kinds of information and persons. But there are many wags, too. I would say many bad words about them, honestly. I think, those are ill persons because it's difficult to understand the motivations of someone who likes to jeer at other persons making them work hard to say them at the end "you are a fool. I was joking".

So, one of them said he is a great buyer. Almost he would buy half Italy (I just can exaggerate today). He asked me to contact some important Italian works. And disappeared when I did so that those works accepted to partner with him.

Now, I feel bad. I worked honestly and did much. I convinced the administrators of those works that this Russian man is not an thief but a honest person. That Italians believed me. And the finish of the story is that they will think all Russians are such "jokers". And, first of all, they will think bad about me. They do not know that I am the victim of a psychopath. I was the "men in the middle"...

Moral: never accept anonimous clients. Always ask credentials before you begin to work with anybody.

It was a very hard lesson. I do not know, how have I turn my honest reputation back...

The second lesson was that we have to do what we learned doing.
Someone asks you to help because you understand languages. And, when you make natural mistakes because you can't know all the peculiarities of their profession, they do not remember THEY asked you about a favour... And you learn you are a whipping-boy for them.

04 September 2012

Italian Wine, Coffee and Snacks' Producers Look for Partners

This period when all the manufacturers turn back to their work after a period of vacation is very busy and I had not time to write here more.

As I told before, my work connects me in the greater part with the export managers of different local manufacturers. They often ask  me if I can connect them with the buyers in Russia and other countries of ex-URSS. So, this last period I had the task to look for partners for Italian Food Producers.
I even had to create catalogs and a site where to post all those offers. Here is the work I did

If you think that both producers and buyers would like to work without middlemen, you are surely right. Yes, it's true. But Italians do not speak Russian. And Russians even if they learn every language they have to use in their business, often understand that there are peculiarities that damage all the business if they do not know the language perfectly. The same problem is with the Italians who asked the persons who don't speak Russian or Italian good enough to translate negotiations. I was really shocked when I understood what possibilities those my clients lose for this reason. Incredible, you know.

So, if you want to buy excellent Vesuvian wine, traditional neapolitan wooden blended coffee or traditional (EXCELLENT!!! with beer) neapolitan snacks for your shop, you can write me and I'll connect you with them.

16 August 2012

Translating from Italian to Russian in a Coffee Blending Fabric

There are many coffee blending fabrics in our zone. Some of them are very popular, others are less known not only here but maybe in all the world, too. It does not mean that these fabrics are not so good as the others, more big and with more possibilities of advertising.

With the group of Belorussian entrepreneurs, we visited one of these fabrics invited by the export manager, who was in Belorussia some month ago.

You have to know that the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno organized a business tour for local entrepreneurs to advertise local products and production abroad and to promote and open Russian and other Eastern countries' market to the little businesses of the region. Now, interested persons from there come here to look at and learn about the products they want to sell in their countries.

So, we visited a coffee fabric where I had to translate all the explanations and the negotiations.

It was forbidden to make close photos in that fabric, so I have only some general shorts.

Sacks with coffee from different countries arrive in the fabric. They are full with 2 qualities of seeds: arabica and robusta. They go in separated tanks. Computer sends them in the oven and than in other tanks.

There is a lab in the fabric where they taste new mixes. Once the mix is decided, computer continue to deliver necessary quantities from the tanks.

After that, the mix is automatically packed

and send to the partner

Both sides remained very content with the results of the visit and the collaboration will continue after the period of the summer vacations.

09 August 2012

Translator and Interpreter in Rome: In an Olive Oil Fabric

If you think that the work of Translator and Interpreter from / to Italian and Russian consists in observing sightseeings and visiting restaurants with the best clothes and jewelry on, you are wrong. Even if the wide range of vocabulary and the most incredible knowledges required by the clients during such nice walks and dinners could baffle everybody. For example, I can guide tourists in practically any place of Campania (and believe me, not every guide is able to do it since many are specialized in one or only some tourist objects), but I do not know Rome as a tourist guide has to know it. So it was hard for me to be a guide in Rome, I have to admit.

Fortunately, there are not such problems when you translate partners in a fabric. They speak and explain everything themselves. You have only the task to interpret their speeches as better as possible. In the way not to create misunderstandings. And Italian language is one of the easiest in this sense, I think. Italians like to speak with the hands. :-)))

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

Translator, Interpreter From / To Italian Russian

04 August 2012

Aeronautics can't live without Translator and Interpreter from Russian to Italian

This time I was invited to assist negotiations between a Russian airline and an Italian manifacturer of internal parts of airbusses. I was a little nervous. I feel always some worried when I prepare my work. It's always possible that something goes in a wrong way -it's the life- and it's necessary that such cases do not influence the result. In this case, I had to work with the completly unknown for me field of industry, too, and had only one day to be ready. It was the additional reason of my anxiety this time.

The most big problem in such cases is professional slang. Fortunately, both sides understood it very well. It was amusing to observe how they understand one other when I, at times, translating every word they said, did not understand what I'm telling about.

When I translate persons that talk, I try to do in the way they do not feel (too much) the presence of the translator. I like to see when they seem to forget the language barrier they have.

"Your translation was very good!" is it not a great satisfaction?

My "aeronautic first time" was a success.

27 July 2012

Translator and Interpreter in Rome: first day

My job took me in Rome for some days this time. I had to assist Belorussian businessmen during their stay in Italy. Learned from my numerous trips this year I bought a bag with 4 wheels. It walks itself and is very comfortable.

I went into the airport to meet my clients. From the airport we went into our hotel  that was very clean and nice even if the rooms were too little. 

Then, we wanted to visit Vatican but everything was just closing when we came there.

Late in the evening, the Roman partner of my clients invited us to visit "his" Rome and we
had a nice walk till the 01 in the night.

Interesting is that the rooms with important paintings were lighted up so that tourists can admire them even in the night.

08 July 2012

Translation from Italian to Russian Curious Dictionaries

Curiosities happen in every field of the life, and they are something that add light to everyday routine. That is why I add "Curiousities" category to all my blogs.

In 1995, a great new Russian/ Italian Italian/ Russian Dictionary was pibblished and was just available in the biggest bookshops. It was the book I needed for my job and I bought it as soon as I could. I took it with me when I married an Italian and moved in Italy.

One day, I had to translate a text where the word "partenopean" was used. The word is one of the synonyms 
of "neapolitan".

A Greek legend about the Sirens and Odysseus tells that the body of the Siren Partenope was washed ashore in the place where the Greek colony was built later. A Partenope colony, precisely. The old colony was replaced with new settling, new town, Nea-Polis, some time later, but the memory of the Siren remained in the language till today. So, they can say Neapolitan or Partenopean and it means the same.

The author of the great dictionary I bought did not know this peculiarity and, probably, asked one of his Italian friends to explain it to him. That friend had a special sense of humour. I found thas explanation:

"Partenopean is a disparaging name for the citizens of Naples and region"

It's very probably that this difinition continue in the later dictionaries of that author.

06 July 2012

Interpreter, Translator and Guide - All in One

Working for PMB International in 2007, I met many interesting persons - local manifacturers producing olive oil, wine and tinned food. Despite the crisis, there are still many little fabrics in the region that sell not only vegetables like tomatoes, green peas, kidney beans and string beans etc. As said, there are families that produce (with all certificates Italian law wants from them) Genuine Products From The Slopes Of Vesuvius

Now, this experience helps me with my next engagement. So that I can offer more interesting services to my new clients.

In fact, they want to import Italian foodstuffs and need a translator in Salerno.

In the days we discuss the details of their visit of Italy, we discovered that they need not only help with Italian texts, an interpreter in Salerno. They need an interpreter in Rome, too. And they would like to visit the most interesting monuments both in Rome and in Campania.

The work of Translator and Interpreter is very many-sided. And very interesting, too.

05 July 2012

Translating from Italian to Russian: "Gesta Guiscardi"

After some weeks when I had too much outdoor job walking with tourists in all the corners of Campania /Italy (you can read about it in my posts in the blogs dedicated to tourism (egs. Неаполь и Милан – Палеохристианские Фрески or Carnival Breeze in Salerno), I turned finally back to my PC and have some time to continue the translation of "Gesta Guiscardi" that I, a Middle Ages history lover, do for one site where are collected documents of antient history. 

I like to read such texts because they open incredible and absolutly  astonishing possibilities to understand, to see how was the life in that period.

Archeologists find something new every day, but the contemporary tales are an other thing. Someone from my friends from Archeological Group of Salerno says when I tell them about this my translation from Italian to Russian that it's not the correct way to study. But I think, even if we have to remember the personal view of the author, that nobody can tell us more than they do.

For example, a text of Gregory of Tours (539-594), History of the Franks, where he writes about the meetings and feasts. At the beginning of the text you can read that "they laid for the banquet". From the middle of the text they just "said for the banquet". When Gregory beginns to write, the (rich) population of Tours followed Roman (idle) usages in their habits. When the Franks are more stable in the country, the population follows them... 

03 July 2012

About Translator, Interpreter From / To Russian, Italian

Some words about 

Lioudmila Pirojenko graduated from Pjatigorsk Linguistic University (URSS, actually Russia) in 1984 with a German/English Language Specialist Degree.
in 1989 graduated from Italian Language Courses in Mariupol

1984 - 1995 worked as freelance translator in Mariupol (Ucraina) for different works and manufacturers such as Mariupol Ilyich Steel and Iron Works, Mariupol Sea Commercial Port and others.

In Italy from 1995, collaborate with different translators' agencies,

As a member of Archeological Group of Salerno, worked as a translator and guide in different manifestations organized by municipality of Salerno

In 2007, took part of the staff of PMB International of Naples where was responsible for relations with representatives of buyers from Russia and other countries of ex'URSS whom presented production of Italian manufacturers.


Translator, Interpreter From / To Russian, Italian
Translation Services From / To Russian  Italian without agency and middlemen costs

01 July 2012

Translator, Interpreter From / To Russian, Italian

Translation Services From / To Russian and Italian without agency and middlemen costs

Relations with Russia are very important for many businesses today. To begin, you need a web page in Russian language, you have to translate documents, info- and advertising texts to present your project to your business partners or prospects.

On-line translators are good and sophisticated today, but they can't help in the personal relations when translation of correct meaning of every word is important. That is why you need a help of a human translator.

Other Categories you can need to translate are:

Catalogues and touristic guides, 

Letters, lines of verse or personal communications,

Technical instructions and manuals

Press releases